I’m a freshly-minted web designer and front-end developer. I focus on user experience on the front end, but I also like to dabble in back end development and web servers as well. Winnipeg is where I call home; you might know it as the place that’s colder than mars.

After nearly 10 years of mostly managing corporate web sites and web servers, it was time for a change. My evenings and weekends were usually spent studying web design and drooling over architecture, so I quit my job at a cloud service provider to go to school and kick start my career as a designer.

The web is the most important invention of the modern era. I’m passionate about it remaining secure, open, free and accessible for everyone. There are billions of people that experience it differently than you and me; I respect that and want to create experiences around that.

I like things that are minimal and modern, with clean and clear typography. After all, the web is 90% type. That said, I’m always looking to explore something different that’ll help me further evolve.

This site is, and will probably always be, a work in progress. I’m putting up some more of my work, and will be improving on the layout and design in various places. Bear with me while things are changing.

Want to get in touch? Send me a message!