Hi There!

This might be my, oh I don’t know, 5th or 6th attempt at writing on the web. I think it’ll stick this time.

I’m starting my career as a web designer, and I want to contribute to the community that I’ve taken so much from over the years. I find writing is a great way to learn too, I’ve solved many issues just by explaining it in writing. I also want to improve my writing; It’s not the greatest at the moment. I can be pretty wordy.

What am I wanting to write about? Probably some short thoughts on whatever’s trendy in the web world, or maybe some tricks that I’ve discovered and wish I had already known. I might even write some guides for something I know well.

The things I write about might not be the best way to approach a subject, or may just be plain wrong. I’ll never claim to know everything about a topic. I just hope to foster some discussions and learn something new.

This site is, and will probably always be, a work in progress. I’m putting up some more of my work, and will be improving on the layout and design in various places. Bear with me while things are changing.