VegNews Redesign

Mockups of my redesign of the VegNews magazine website


A college project to explore the limitations of working with existing text and images, through the redesign of a magazine web site. Starting with research of the magazine, web site, and competition, then moving into wireframes of a new home page and article page.


I chose VegNews based on the vision that I had for the site; ample white space (macro and micro), a clean linear layout and a strong hierarchy that allows for a dense homepage.

VegNews Home

For an updated navigation, I felt that I wanted to promote the magazine and the store to allow for them to be easily discovered by raising their prominence into the main nav. In addition, I popped the magazine section out of the grid to bring attention to it, though it’s lower on the page. Placing a subscription form and magazine highlights in the reader’s view right away would also bring serve to bring more impact to subscriptions.

Moving the search field to the upper-right of the page more closely follows web conventions, and I felt that social media icons in the same location also made the most sense.

I was very conscience of line lengths on the article pages, and introduced a sidebar with related posts to balance the page while keeping that length down. Sharing icons are hidden under a familiar share sheet icon that keeps the article page clean but still allows for them to be located when they’re wanted.

VegNews Article


As a hypothetical re-design project without the intention of implementing the design, the site is untested. I feel happy with the result, having achieved what I set out to achieve — to create an open and airy design with a strong hierarchy that promotes what I perceive as the most important pieces of the magazine’s website.